More revenue, better margins and less food waste with Forecasting van a wastewatchers brand helps food service companies and the out-of-home sector with forecasting. For example with forecasting daily revenue & visitors, monthly revenue and de products who are likely to be sold per day. We provide this intelligence back to chef, manager or direction on a daily basis.

Used and trusted in 200+ restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Gain more grip and control with forecasting.

Every day the hospitality industry has to deal with many uncertainties which is affecting their results and the degree of food waste they produce, such as:

  • How many guests can I expect today?
  • What are they going to order?
  • Is my precurement spot on?
  • Should I schedule extra labour or can I cancel shifts?

Does you organization do forecasting? has developed a handy tool, which helps you to take more grip and control in your daily processes. On short-term we can forecast revenue and guests with an expected accuracy of around 90%+.

  • Per hour
  • Per day
  • Per month
  • Per productgroup

That sounds awesome!

But it must be expensive and labour intensive to set up?

Euh, no! That is the fun part. No extra software or hardware is required. We charge low monthly costs and you are ready for forecasting in just three easy steps.

  1. Connect to API-engine

    We connect our API engine to you POS data. All required data will be automatically be exchanged.

  2. Train our forecast

    We create unique forecast modules per location. Until this one is good enough, we offer reporting, triggers and alerts to achieve your goals.

  3. KITT: Kitchen Intelligence Tooling & Tech

    Receive our intelligence. Full integration with your own (Power)BI tools / dashboards or platforms is possible.

Our forecast, your engine in your daily processes.

With our intelligence it is possible to do the right thing for every position: director, manager, chef of location manager will receive automatically the correct intelligence to help them with their daily business.

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Manage your business smarter

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Forecasting? How does that work?

Based on sales data and others existing datasets, such as weather, reservations, traffic and a huge amount experience we can make accurate predictions of your daily sales, visitors and the product choices of visitors.

How good is your forecast module?

Some locations will hit 95% accuracy over time, but every location is different and gets its own module which is self learning. Success depends on the specific data relationships of that location. We never release forecasting modules with a accuracy of less than 85%. Training normally takes 3 to 6 months.

What do you offer in the time when the forecast has not yet been succesfully trained?

While your self-learning forecast module is being trained, we offer KITT. This is a Kitchen Intelligence Tooling & Trigger system. It helps you to get a simple overview of data and to guide you with goals, without doing the job of data-analyses. It can automatically analyze data and create tailor made reports send by mail to help you get the intelligence you need without doing extra work. We will explain more about this during the demo.

How do I receive the daily predictions?

We prefer to return the forecast to existing Management Information Systems such as PowerBI via triggers like text messages or mail. We also offer own dashboarding, but this is something we do not encourge to use. In the end you want to receive the forecasts on existing software, so the people working with it are minimally burdened with understanding a new task and system.